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Simplyjas.com is managed by Jassy/ Simplyjassymusic. Jassy is a Singapore Music, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. A Singapore beauty blogger who shares beauty & wellness tips since 2005. She likes to sing and record music covers and upload on YouTube and Facebook.

You can call me Jassy. You can call me Simplyjassymusic. I got this nickname when I noticed many YouTube vocalists branding themselves as “[theirname]music”. People like David Choi, Jayesslee and Jason Chen (which happen to be the few favorite Youtubers I like), and are using such nickname for their branding.

I have the habit of bringing the radio into the bathroom and sing along. From a bathroom singer, I started recording my own music covers and uploading them on  YouTube.

From a habitual journal writer, I started blogging in 2005 on blogspot to shifting over to have my own domain under simplyjas.com.

I used to bring my Canon 550D around, to capture beautiful pictures of the city. You can see some of these shots in this website, under the category – Photography.