Jay Chou Concert 2008.

Within 1 day, most of the pre-order tickets for Jay’s concert are gone. I went to many forums and saw that many Singaporean fans complaining that the Sistic server was down, and many could not log in to buy the tickets. Currently, the situation is that there is only one seating. One person can only order one ticket. Regarding this issue, i wrote back a comment to the Jay Chou Official website.

不到一天,预购的演唱會門票,很多已经被OCBC信用卡的朋友們拿到了.我是通过另外一种管道买到票.很多粉丝都希望会有加多一场.站在已买票的粉丝的角度来看,我不排斥加场.但我希望有关当局若要加场的话,请把它排在20JAN2008.因为如果加场的日期是在18JAN2008 的话, 对那些已经买票的粉丝很不公平.

Pardon me for the wrong chinese words i used(if any..)

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  2 comments for “Jay Chou Concert 2008.

  1. CPM
    November 18, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    hey there.. so sorry to disturb you.. but i just wanted to ask if there is any news about jay chou’s concert in malaysia (2008)? i just found out that he is having a concert here on the 23 february 2008.. do you know anything else about this concert? such as where exactly will be held and where/when can i get the tickets? i hope you can get some cool informations about his concert in malaysia for me. thanks a lot. =)

  2. Jassy
    November 19, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    hey. im sorry. but there isnt any news of the malaysia concert. JVRMusic have not release any information yet.

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