Making of Pineapple tarts cum a mini family activity

19 Jan 2008

Ah Hong Jie2 and I called this day “Pineapple Tarts Day“. In the morning, Mummy and I went to Ah Hong Jie2‘s house. We started to make pineapple tarts at around 12pm. While making the pineapple tarts, I took some photos so as to explain the steps of making pineapple tarts. But I didnt take photos for ALL the steps. So what you will be seeing is photos that I took yesterday and last year. By the way, I got this recipe from 厨房笔记.

Step 1, mix cubes of butter(250g), plain flour(340g), custard powder(20g) and salt(1/2 tsp) together in a mixing bowl.

mix cubes of butter, plain flour, custard powder and salt together.

Step 2, use finger tips and rub butter into flour until it resembles breadcrumbs. Then add egg yolks (20g) and vanilla oil(1/4 tsp) to the mixing bowl.
20g of egg yolk

Step 3, mix the ingredients into a dough.
rub in method

Step 4, leave aside to rest for 20 mins before shaping. While waiting, you can make use of the time to divide the pineapple filling(10g) into small parts and form into small balls.

Step 5, Form small ball(10g) with the dough and fill a pineapple filling inside and seal up. Apply beaten egg yolk on the surface of the pineapple tarts.

Step 6, And It’s ready to send to the oven.

It was really a mass production of pineapple tarts. In total, we made 8 batches of pineapple tarts (approx 384 tarts). This time round, the making of pineapple tarts was enjoyable unlike last year when I got bored at the end of the 2nd batch. Halfway, I took a short break and sang karaoke. After that, joined back the baking crew.

Haha.. That’s a lot right? Some for our relatives. Some for our own consumption. Then had our dinner only at around 930pm.

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