Chi-Teh Bing

A few days back, the little kitten came to my house to stay over. He will be with us for the next one week. Luckily it is just a kitten, not a cat. If not, I would definitely ban him from coming in to my house.

When I was very young, I’m already afraid of cats. When I had dinner outside at the coffeeshop, I would put my legs on the table stand instead placing them on the floor. I will really freak out when the cat walk pass my legs or under my table.

Teh Bing, the little kitten was found in NUS campus near E3A, and it was abandoned by his mother. A group of students took him in and took care of him. The night when Teh Bing came to my house, he was so scared. Everything was new, strange and different to him. But now, he is really doing well. He can even run and “hop” so fast around in my house.

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