Watsons Labour Day Sale

2 weeks ago, I went Watsons to check out the sale items they are having. If you do not know, Neutrogena has launched their new product – Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser. I’ve decided to get one after seeing the beauty reviews people gave about this product. The Neutrogena Wave is a vibrating facial cleanser that will help exfoliate and open clogged pores on dead skin or oily skin. I will be writing in my review of this product soon at my beauty blog. Then I saw my daily facial product – Bio Essence Tanaka White Facial Foam on sale. It’s cheaper to get two and I would save $6+. Happily, I brought these products to the cashier. The cashier auntie was so nice. She told me that for every $50 dollar spent, I will get $10 off. It was a Labour Day Promotion. I was 10 bucks away from $50, so I went to grab some stuff. In the end, I got one patene shampoo for my family, and one $1.95 Watsons Lavendar Facial Mask.

Lavendar Facial Mask: S$1.95
Pantene Shampoo: S$10.90
Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Wave: S$24.90
Bio-Essence Gentle Cleansing Foam: S$19.60
TOTAL DAMAGE: $46.45 (after discount)

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