[Version8.2] The Sheepish Sheep

Yeah. Finally I’m done with my blog template. It is a completely revamped one as I started everything from scratch. It took me 5 days to do the design, solving technical problems etc. It was a terrible experience staring at the codes for the entire day till night and could not figure out what are the problems.

Actually, I should have finished designing on the second day. Everything was okay when I use firefox to view. But once I switched to Internet Explorer, the frames started to go haywire. That’s why I redo the entire design again and try to solve the problem. CSS stylesheet works different in internet explorer and firefox. I need to modify the codes such a way that IE and FF will work nicely for both. Luckily being a full-time web designer isnt what I want as I know that designing can be my passion, but not something to earn a living.

For the start, I redesigned the banner and used back the sheep image I got for my previous design. And drew 4 boxes. One for the sidebar, one for the entry box, and two of them is placed above the entry box which I place my Recent Tweets and About there. And Ive decided to stop using Plurk.com to update my tweets and used back Twitter. It is much user-friendly that I placed my tweets at the top of the page(instead of sidebar like the previous design). Did you also realize that I’ve changed the short writeup on introduction of myself?

I’ve also changed the default wordpress emoticons from


:@ :U :t :k :-$ :q :3 :m :0 :* 😎 😯 :-( :-) πŸ˜› 😑 😐 πŸ˜‰ ❗ ❓

Changed the entry description layout:

Entry description

Changed the comment layout:

Comment layout

3+ more months to our shepherdy sheepy day and it is on the saturday. We are gonna to celebrate our 1 year anniversary today.

And also, for my future posts, I will have this “Current Mood” thingy at the end of the post. I’ve designed different emotions of the sheep that I can use to describe my mood of the day. There are a total of 17 sheepy emotions.

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