An Introduction to Face Mask

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Why face mask?

Do you think that your face only requires washing, toning and moisturising? Do you know that we also need to put face mask? Our face is one of the body parts we need to pay attention to. Our skin, especially our face is prone to wrinkles, fine lines. So, by using face mask at least once a week helps to make our skin softer and smoother, it also help to negate our everyday stress.

There are two kinds of mask that you can try. One is manufactured mask which you can get it at beauty stores, another one is Do-it-yourself mask where you mix those natural ingredients together and make a mask. Manufactured face masks always have chemicals and preservatives which is not good for your skin.

Different kind of masks cater to different skin types. So, you must know your skin type before getting anything from the shelve. If you do not know your skin type, read this.

Applying the mask..

You can try facial sauna first before applying the mask. It helps to open up your pores so that the mask you apply later can penetrate further to the inner layer of your skin. Applying the face mask on your face is not enought as you should not forget about your neck too. After suana, massage your face for better blood circulation. Apply the mask for 20 minutes before washing.

While having your face mask…

Do not speak or laugh. This is a time for you to rest and relax, and also , the mask can work better on your face.

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