[Product Review] Shiseido White Mask

The second mask I’m reviewing is Shiseido White Mask. I’ve gave a review on the black mask in my previous entry.

This is another product recommended on taiwan variety show 女人我最大. For this white mask, it has whitening, revitalizing and anti-aging effects. It contains an effective compound which combats skin aging and dulling known as the LAG Revitalizer which rapidly absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, effectively allowing the skin to maintain moisture and nutrients.

It fights against dark spots, sun spots, black heads, and pimples, decreasing pore size, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin collagen regeneration, renewing elasticity, resulting in soft and smooth skin.

Like what I said on my entry of the black mask, you can get this mask online and price ranges from $0.75 to $2. See the huge difference in price of this product? You can get this mask at a cheaper price if you order it through spree. Dont be a fool and get one sachet of Shiseido White Mask for $2 from online blogshops. They mark-up the price a lot.

Though this has a different packaging from the black mask, different functions from the black mask, I cant figure out the difference after applying the black and the white mask. I thought they were the same? I would still recommend you to get the black mask. It is worth it. Start stocking up!!

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