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For the past one week, I’ve been browsing articles and video clips regarding this charity event “LoveLife“. I got to know LoveLife through one of the video clips on Youtube. In the video, Jay Chou was supposed to film a short advertisement regarding LoveLife but in the end, he went further to arrange the music for the charity advertisement for free.

What is Love Life?

Love Life is a charity event that raises money for children with cancer. Hei Ren (Charles Chen) together with Fan Fan created “Love Life” which is funded by the Veterans General Hospital that currently has 93 children in their cancer ward. Many famous people have been avid supporters of “Love Life” including Wang Leehom, A-Mei, Lollipop, Hey Girl, Ariel Lin, David Tao, Jay Chou, and Ethan Ruan.

To these children, the ability to live for a day is a gift from God. Every day they battle with the cancer cells that are in their body, intensive chemotherapy is sucking up their energy. For them, time is running out. They have unfulfilled dreams and things that they want to do but they couldn’t.

What about us? People who are living on this earth, with no disease or pain? We humans, always like to complain that life is unfair for us, why God allow me to suffer? What about these young children?  Do you know how blessed we are as compared to them? Stop complaining!

Chinese version of the charity commercial

English version of charity commercial

She lost the battle. Every time when I watch this video, my tears will just flow.

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