Moving towards being 2-4

The best thing about this week was the really much-awaited getaway to downtown east with my jc cca friends. It’s really a temporal refuge for me this week as things were getting tougher and uncertain, kinda upset of what happened throughout the week.

The chalet started on friday 23 mar. Initially I wanted to join my friends on saturday as I wanted to sleep more on friday night. Da ge came home for dinner and told me that he could give me a lift to downtown. In the past, I seldom talk to my da ge but that night we chatted from where we stay to pasir ris. As da ge was sharing, I felt very overwhelmed. There were many things I could not control, when things were not in my favour. The only thing I could do is to have FAITH and TRUST.

Sherlynn, Shirley, Tuankiak and Leong were there when I reached. Then we went to catch a midnight movie. My first ever midnight movie. For many times, I couldnt catch the name of the show properly. The hungry man? The hunger man? The hungry game? And it was THE HUNGER GAMES. I didnt read up the synopsis of the movie and thinking that I will fall asleep during the movie since I was tired. I didn’t expect myself to stay up all the way throughout the movie but that two hours of movie really hyped myself up. After the movie, we went back to our room and I plunged myself into the pillow.

The next day 24 mar, we went macs for brekkie before I left for church. Came back to the chalet late at night. By the time I reached, a lot of them were about to leave. In the end, I didnt manage to catch up with them. Luckily Claris was still there and we managed to catch up a little :) Approaching 1am, went out to grab macdonalds with Junlong. Every time when I pass by macdonalds, I can hear the doraemon behind the glass pane calling me to buy him back home. So in the end, I ordered the happy meal because I wanted to bring the toy back home. When the staff showed me the toy, I requested to change because I had the design. In the end, the staff went to the storeroom, taking out boxes and boxes to find the design that I want. I felt so bad by making the staff doing these to me. *claps for mcdonald staff at downtown east for their help* 真的是好不容易拿到我要的.

Back at the room, Sher and Shir were watching Running Man, so I joined without knowing what is it whole about. As I slowly watched the korean variety show, I started to understand what is it all about,  what are the people doing. At some parts of the variety show, I couldnt stop myself from ROFL. In the end, we watched until 4+am and went to sleep.

The next morning, checked out of the chalet and went to shir’s house. wow.. miss her house a lot leh.. her house really gives me the resort resort feel, 我暂时的避风港, 让我不想回去现实. After we had breakfast near her house, we walked to Serangoon Broadway to collect my graduation gown. I’m so eggcited for 13 April to come, to spend this special day to my loved ones, my family and my friends.



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