Xiamen (China) Trip – Day 1

Day 1 – 4 December 2012

It was a four hour flight from Singapore to Xiamen, China. When we first reached Xiamen, we were welcomed by the locals there. It was very heartwarming to see them hurriedly hand over the thick coat for us to wear. Wow. I wasn’t expecting them to prepare these for us. Afterwards, we took their cars and went to their village. On our way there, these were what we saw:

After half an hour, we finally reached their village, their house. In Singapore, we are used to taking out our shoes and leave it outside the door. However, we can wear our shoes in to their house, to their room. This is what they said “这里是乡村。没有拖鞋子的". The house is three storey high and it will be the place we will be sleeping for the next few days.

These locals are so welcoming that they actually prepared food for us. It was already 9+pm. We actually had our dinner on the plane and we ate again at their house.

Afterwards, they sent us to our hotel for a night stay.

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