My February so far..

This month is a busy month for me. As this is also the Chinese New Year month, I got to spend more time with my family, relatives and friends. Work has been hectic ever since the start of year with new responsibilities, new job scope. This CNY break was a good time to take a pause and recharge.

It’s been ten months I moved to the pioneering group. Really thank God for wonderful friends- meis and dis here. Met up with some of my close ring on 2 feb 2013 for a time of lunch fellowship and catch up. A great shout out to Yohanes, yingjie, Joanne and meng!! It’s been a great time serving with you all :)

This year CNY was a bit different. Usually on the first day of CNY, we will usually go to my da gu’s house for visitation however this year visitation got shifted to second day. So the first day of CNY, we just stayed at home, watched tv. In the evening, packed my bag and went to shirley’s house. Thank God for my parents and er ge as they drove me all the way to shir’s house. So it was a night of chit chat, and running man.

The second day of CNY was the busiest one. I had to go from shirley’s house to my da gu’s house, and back to shirley’s house and to my gong gong’s house and back to shirley’s house. Why the hassle of traveling to and fro? Because of the people who were there. It’s like finally we got time to catch up with one another, with my high school friends (#thecrazees). The best reward is to see my high school cca juniors!! For the past few years, I didnt have chance to see them as all of us came at different timings. Managed to see the few close ones – james, yinwhee, jerine and meiling. My beloved juniors who were in my section – reminisce the good old times when we practised hard for SYF competition.

Third day of CNY – departed from shirley’s house and rushed back home. Two batches of visitors came to my house. One is my bro’s LG in the afternoon and my unit in the late afternoon. Although it was tiring, but I’m still very joyful and glad to know this bunch of people and celebrate this CNY.

Yesterday was yet another busy day. Had vday brunch with meng at clarke quay, service and then reunion dinner with #thecrazees. It’s been a busy yet fulfilling February.

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