Thanksgiving and Consolidation – January 2013

1) Answered prayer at workplace

A prayer that was answered after one month. *daebak*  Thank God for His provision :)

2) Meetups with 老朋友

This month, I managed to meet up with Angela. Ever since she moved on from the uni group, we didnt really contact one another. It was only recently we got connected again through an sms which I mass sent to the bros and siss who are working (Window 9-6). It was encouraging and heartwarming that even though we are in different ministries, we are still serving the Lord fervently and building His Kingdom. Really want to thank God for the wonderful friendship I made here during my uni days, the people who stood by me – shuning, angela, shawn, bentay, jesline and junyao.

This month, I also met up with my uni friends. In the past, we talked about school work, lecturers and even booked a chalet for a “boot camp study chalet” to chiong for our final year. Now, our conversation topics became work, relationship, finance, housing. 我们好像真的长大了..

3) Love IndoChina talk

This year was my first time attending the Love IndoChina. I missed quite a lot of mission talks like Love Africa, Love IndoChina etc due to other commitments and clashes with my schedule. This time round, I went with my whole LG. The other time we were writing down our LG resolution for the year and many said that they would want to go for missions this year. I’m really very encouraged by their spirit. <3

I went for the talk with certain objectives in mind. During the tea break session, I went to Ps Michael to ask him more about missions and about Africa. Africa has been a place that I want to go for missions. Although it was just a few minutes talk, I got a quick preview of what is God doing in Africa, how’s the current mission work there. I started to have this thought of Africa when I was very young(secondary school?). In the past, those HK dramas will show medics going Africa to provide first aid, educators going to teach the kids there. That was then I grew my burden for the people there. But actually, it does not matter where I go but the heart of missions should be the same wherever I go, the heart of compassion should be the same to all people. It is not about I love the africans more than people from xyz countries. It is because I love God and I should love everyone regardless of race or language. Wherever He send me, I will just go. And one of my new year resolution for this year is to go for short term missions. *save up save up*

4) Met a new friend from Ghana

Haha.. guess what? I met a brother from Ghana on Friday (1 Feb 2013) after prayer meet. I feel that it was quite cool and divine. Usually after any meetings on weekday evenings, I will prefer not to have supper but go home instead. However on friday, I just went supper with my LG and saw Ps Michael with the Ghana LG! Cool yeah? So I just went to their table and said HI and got one of the Ghana bro’s facebook contact :)

5) Answered prayer for personal life
In His timing, In His plan.

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