Does lemon relieve stress and elevate your mood?

lemon relieve stress
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In my previous post, you know that lemon juice helps in clearing clogged pores and treating acne, fight infection and inflammation. It can also remove wrinkles, dark spots and blackheads. But, does lemon relieve stress and elevate your mood? Do you know that lemon can help elevate your mood?

It is unavoidable that we will face stress everyday, whether is it from ourselves or the people around us. Being stressed and anxious can affect our well-being and also pose a threat to our health as stress can contribute to body diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive impairment.

Studies have shown that lemon juice helps to lower blood pressure. By consuming lemon juice regularly, not only your body absorbs the Vitamin C, but also the anti-oxidants found in lemon to regulate blood circulation and maintain blood pressure.

If you are feeling stress out, you can make a hot drink with lemon juice (2 teaspoons), ginger (grounded) and honey (half teaspoon)). Ginger helps in calming your stomach while honey helps in controlling the blood sugar level. With the combination of these three, it eliminates the anxiety and you can have a good night sleep. Say bye to insomnia

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