Lemon for your nails & hair

lemon for your nails and hair

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Do you often get chipped nails and you think you need to strengthen your nails in order for it to grow long and healthy? Because of what you have been doing to your fingernails – Gelish manicure, exposure to chemicals, your nails start to be yellowish and brittle. 

Lemon for your nails

There are some brands out there that provide nail strengthener solution to strengthen the brittle nails. But do you know that lemon juice can also help to strengthen your nails and even remove the ugly yellowish stains on the nails? *runs to your kitchen*

Squeeze a bowl of lemon juice and soak your whole hands in. Massage your nails to bring them bright and full of life.

Alternatively, if your fingernails are yellow and brittle, you can apply a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil which helps to harden your nails, preventing them from cracking or breaking easily. Your nail beds will be strengthen and whiten.

Lemon for your hair

Just like how lemon helps to restore the strength of your brittle nails, lemon juice is also an ingredient that helps in maintaining your hair. By soaking your hair in lemon juice, and massage your head, it helps to remove any built up materials left in your hair. By removing these buildup, it removes excess oil that your hair really need and helps in the growth of your hair.

However, do note that you should dilute the lemon juice so that it is not too strong and acidic for your scalp.

Benefits of lemon for your hair:

  1. Fight against dandruff – apply the lemon juice on your scalp with olive or coconut oil
  2. Strengthen hair roots
  3. Prevent hair loss
  4. Remove excessive sebum secretion
  5. Promote hair growth
  6. Conditions your hair
  7. Strengthen your hair and prevent breakage
  8. Fight scalp infections
  9. For shiny hair, you can mix the lemon juice with fresh coconut water and apply the mixture to your scalp
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