Why do we need to drink water early in the morning?

drinking water
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Is it your daily routine to drink water early in the morning when you get out from the bed. This is what I’ve been doing religiously. Since young, my mother has been nagging me to drink water to 清肠 (clear your internal system). (Oh wells, mums are usually right.)

Our human body comprises 70% of water content. Water is essential for the functioning of our body. Do you know that our brain cells contain about 85% of water, muscles 75%, bones 25%, blood 82%. Because of that, we need to often hydrate ourselves (8 glasses of water per day), consuming food that are rich in water content such as soups, vegetables and fruits.

So is there any benefit of drinking water in the morning?

Yes of course!

1) Cleanse your internal system. It’s a “wake up call” to your body system so that your body system is able to have a better absorption of nutrients from various foods. It also purifies your colon.

2) By purging the toxins out from your body, your skin gets to glow.

3) Renewal of cells. Drink water in the morning increases the rate of new muscles and blood cells production.

4) Balance the lymph system. When you drink water first thing in the morning on a daily basis, it helps to balance the body’s lymph system. Lymph glands help to fight infections so that you can perform your usual daily activities.

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