Myths about Sunscreen Debunked!

Myths about Sunscreen Debunked

Without a proper understanding of how UV rays can be harmful to you, you may not know the importance of using sunscreen and your health could be on the line. Without proper sun protection, it increases the risk for sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Thought you knew about protecting your skin from sun damage? What you do not know will surprise you. Get the facts on sunscreen to keep your skin safe. Myths about sunscreen DEBUNKED!

Myth #1: As long as your moisturizer or makeup products has sunscreen, you do not need to apply extra SPF.

It is not enough to fully dependant on the makeup products. You will need to apply extra sunscreen on top of your make up.

Myth #2: People who darker skin are immune to skin cancer.

Everyone regardless of skin color can be a victim to skin cancer. Many people have the misconception that Caucasians are the primary victims of skin cancer and non-Caucasian people are immune to it. This is why people of darker skin color diagnosed that they have skin cancer at a later stage.

Myth #3: The higher the SPF value, the more protection it provides for your skin

While SPF15 filters out 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks out 97% of UVB rays and SPF50 shuts out 98% of the UVB rays. There is no sunscreen that can protect 100 percent of the sun’s rays as there is a maximum cap of how much the sunscreen can protect our skin.

Myth #4: You need to go out in the sun to get your vitamin D

Yes, it is true that the sun provides Vitamin D however you can still obtain Vitamin D from your daily diet, vitamin and supplements.

Myth #5: I’m fully covered as long as I put sunscreen on my face, arms, leg, back, and neck.

Not true. You may have overlooked some areas such as the ears and back of the neck. These areas are commonly neglected and do you know that you can get sunburn on your scalp. Wear a hat, apply sunscreen on the ears and back of the neck. For fuller coverage, you can apply lip balm with SPF on your lips.

Myth #6: I can still use the same sunscreen which I opened a year ago

Most sunscreens have a shelf life of three years. However when it is opened, the sunscreen behind to breakdown and degrade. Some sunscreens break down even quicker especially those that give UVA protection. Remember to always check the expiration date on your sunscreen bottle.

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