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If you’ve known me earlier, you would have heard of my eye-infection story back in 2013. (Read post: That was a period when I was afraid that I will lose my vision due to the inappropriate handling of my contact lenses. Since then, I’ve been extra careful in handling my contact lenses, how I take care of my eyes as I do not wish history to repeat itself again. *healthy eyes* It is enough to go through once, experiencing the emotional turmoil of going to the eye specialist, waking up every hour for the eye drop, monitoring the process of the cornea etc. So whenever people wear their contact lenses for long hours, I will always advise them to take it out to allow your eyes to “breathe”.

As working adult, I can say that I spend 12 hours staring at electronic devices – smartphones, work laptops. This isn’t helping my eyes or my skin as the computer rays not only harm my eyes, but also my skin. If your eyes are perpetually glued to these, you may develop computer vision syndrome (CVS) which includes dryness of eyes, seeing doubles and blurry vision. Love your eyes a little more by spending more effort to take care of it. For every 20 minutes on the screen, book, dedicate 20 seconds to look away and look afar. And being a girl, we all like to doll up, putting on eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras and attaching fake eye lashes to make our eyes look bigger. If we do not remove the make-up thoroughly or clean our reusable fake eyelashes properly, the cosmetics may trapped in our eyes, tear ducts. The worse situation is to have an eye infection. In future, you can try to put on your contact lenses before your makeup and also avoid sharing of cosmetics and make-up brushes due to cross contamination.

Who doesn’t like to have pretty eyes. For us Asians, we have black or dark brown eye colour. If we want to look nice aesthetically, we girls like to buy colored lenses. There are many websites providing coloured lenses that are cheaper than those you get from your optician. Buying them online may be cheaper but you do not know how these lenses were manufactured. They may be made of some harmful materials that may cause harm to your eyes. Do not be greedy by purchasing the lenses just because they are CHEAP. You may end up doing eye surgery that is EXPENSIVE.

So ladies, let’s take care of our eyes. You do not wish to end up being a busker on the streets yeah?

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