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The secret to a balanced diet lies in the palm of your hand

Do you know that the secret to a balanced diet lies in the palm of your hand? The American Cancer Society says that many of us tend to eat more than what our body required. If you are a calories-conscious person, the data below may shocked you. Below are some suggestions of the daily diet for your reference:


  1. Do you put sugar to your tea or coffee? If you really need it, cut down the spoons of sugar and switch to sweeter. This helps you to create an annual calorie deficit of 37,000 calories. One teaspoon of butter on your toast is 37 ­calories, while a tablespoon of butter is 3 times as much (111 calories).
  2. Instead of your toasted bread, you may consider to have cereal grains and milk for breakfast. What I tried before was to create my own overnight oats. I bought a pack of rolled oats, a pack of chia seeds and a carton of soya milk. I soaked it overnight.
  3. Change the dressing of your salad from oil to vinegar.

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Exuviance Purifying Cleasing Gel

[Product Review]: Exuviance Purifying Cleanser Gel

[Product Review]: Exuviance Purifying Cleanser Gel

When I was first introduced to Exuviance, I thought that it would be “another skincare brand”. All along, I’ve been using the “B” brand from France and didn’t have this thought of trying new brand. So, when I was given the sample sachet for the cleanser gel, I was like “okay, no harm trying right?”


The skincare products from Exuviance are clinically proven products used to work gently on skin surface and penetrate deep into skin layers. Formulated with glycolic acid (AHA) and gluconolactone (PHA), this anti-aging cleanser is able to deep cleanse and remove make-up, dirt and surface oils and impurities without altering the skin’s natural moisture balance. It is dermatologist and allergy proven. It is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin.


Benefits of AHA:

– Softening of fine lines and diminution of coarse lines from sun damaged
– Increasing smoothness in skin texture
– Improving skin texture due to acne scars

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Healthy Eyes, Pretty Eyes

If you’ve known me earlier, you would have heard of my eye-infection story back in 2013. (Read post: That was a period when I was afraid that I will lose my vision due to the inappropriate handling of my contact lenses. Since then, I’ve been extra careful in handling my contact lenses, how I take care of my eyes as I do not wish history to repeat itself again. *healthy eyes* It is enough to go through once, experiencing the emotional turmoil of going to the eye specialist, waking up every hour for the eye drop, monitoring the process of the cornea etc. So whenever people wear their contact lenses for long hours, I will always advise them to take it out to allow your eyes to “breathe”.

As working adult, I can say that I spend 12 hours staring at electronic devices – smartphones, work laptops. This isn’t helping my eyes or my skin as the computer rays not only harm my eyes, but also my skin. If your eyes are perpetually glued to these, you may develop computer vision syndrome (CVS) which includes dryness of eyes,

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Methods to protect our hair

There’s a Chinese saying when it comes to our hair – 三千烦恼丝 (san-qian-fan-nao-si) – literally meaning “three thousand strands of worry”. Evidently, our hair can be the cause of much worry to many of us. With the different hair treatments available in the market, the kind of hair products for different hair condition give us the problem of choosing the best for us, at times feel like rocket science. Besides choosing the right hair products, there are many other methods we can follow to protect our hair.

Protein and Omega-3 for Healthy Hair

Just like how protein and omega-3 are good for our body, it also promotes stronger and healthier hair, with a healthier scalp. It is important to eat healthily with leafy vegetables, beans, and carrots. Do not avoid eating just because you want to lose weight. Losing weight is not about eating less but is about eating right. If you often style your hair with hot tools — or you color, bleach, or perm a lot — you can damage hair’s protective outer layer.

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Carrots – the orange crunchy powerfood

Forget about your Vitamin A supplements. Get the natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables available in the supermart. With this orange crunchy powerfood, you can get abundant amount of Vitamin A and other powerful benefits. Carrot provides ultimate protection against several skin problems, helping in maintaining your skin healthy, cancer prevention and anti-aging.

Do You Know…? Fun Facts on Carrots

1) Carrots are second most popular vegetables, followed after potato and there are over 100 different types of carrots.

2) Women in the 1600’s use carrot leaves as part of the decoration for their hats.

3) An average American can eat 5.44kg of carrots in a year

4) The greek word of carrot is “karaton”.

5) Rabbits love eating carrots. When rabbit eats one carrot, it is like us eating over 23 carrots. Rabbits like the sweetness from the carrots but they should not take too much as it will cause digestive problems and diabetes.

Health Benefits of Carrots

1) Improves vision

In my earlier post on eyecare,

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Skin Exfoliation


While some of us feel that daily cleansing of face is just sufficient, there are people on the other spectrum who view daily cleansing of face as the most basic skincare regime that you must not skip. Many of us finds that skin exfoliation is optional in their beauty regimen. However, it is just as important as flossing our teeth. In order for your face to look refined and youthful, exfoliation is a task you must not skip. By exfoliating regularly (not daily of cause, but weekly), you are removing the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the removal of the dead skin cells on your skin surface. It can be carried out by using abrasive scrubs on the skin or chemically, using a kind of acids that dissolve and remove the dead skin cells without scrubbing.

How often should you exfoliate?

Exfoliation should NOT be done daily as your skin needs a few days to renew and for new skin layer to form,

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Habits you should cultivate

Good habits are to keep and bad habits are to kick. Bad habits such as drinking cold water during meals, having late night supper are detrimental for your help. Why not cultivate some good habits. I’m sure your body will thank you in a few years time. Here are some eating habits you should cultivate


Contains proteins, minerals and abundant probiotics. Consuming yoghurt daily helps supplement water and whiten the skin. If you want to have a radiant face, yoghurt is really good for you due to its Vitamin B. Vitamin B can effectively resist the harm of radiation for the skin. Hence yogurt plays an important role to alleviate harm caused by radiation and repairing our skin.
Green tea 

While drinking green tea after meal helps to detox your body and increase your body metabolism to burn the fats, it refreshes you after a day of work. The proVitamin A found in green tea will convert into Vitamin A when in our body. It minimize the harm caused by the computer radiation.

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What you know about eyecare may be wrong

You often hear from people that “Your eyes show the strength of your soul.” Since young, your parents have been nagging you about how you should take good care of your eyes. When I was young, I was very afraid to visit the optician. This is because the optician will evaluate my eyesight and advise my mum whether I should change my glasses lenses. When I need to change my glasses, my mum will give me that kind of deadly stare. From that stare, you know she is saying something like “See, you didn’t take care of your eyes. keep looking at the computer screen. now your eyesight degree has increased again.”  We all try our best to take care of our eyes but what you know about eyecare may be wrong? What are some eyecare myths that needed to be debunked?

The study conducted at Advance Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai by Dr Vandana Jain, says that the rising incidences of eye conditions in children could be on the rise due to increased use of laptops,

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Prevent premature aging

8 tips to prevent premature aging while at office

Aging is inevitable. We start to age when we first come to this world. We can’t stop aging but we can prevent premature aging due to the external causes determined by our health and lifestyle. We wear sunscreen to protect the UV rays from damaging our skin. Besides the UV rays from the sun, fluorescent light bulbs also emit UV radiation, further exposing our skin to potential damage and premature aging while at the office. Here are some tips to prevent premature aging while at office:

  1. Take short breaks to look away from the screen and look at a distant object.
  2. Get up from your seat and move around. This helps to maintain better blood circulation of your body
  3. Do some stretching exercise after every 45 minutes. You can stretch your neck by looking at the ceiling, to the left, to the right and hold for 20 seconds.
  4. Get an anti-glare screen protector that covers your computer monitor to reduce the UV radiation exposure
  5. Wear sunscreen daily
  6. Use skincare products with anti-oxidants and also,

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Adverse effects of computer rays on your skin


If you were told to surrender your computer and smart phone for a day, what will be your reaction? Will you panic because these gadgets have become part of your life that you can’t live without? We spend on an average 10-12 hours a day in front of our PC/ smart phones due to work, leisure etc. Do you know the adverse effects of computer rays on your skin? Can you imagine the extent to which these computer rays are adversely affecting our skin?

In the past, I do not really care much about UV rays, let alone how computer rays and radiation can affect our skin. Ever since I join the beauty industry two years back, my colleagues have been sharing with me beauty tips, anti-aging tips. Due to the nature of my work, I read online articles, beauty magazines and health reports and realised how important it is to at least apply sunscreen on my face before stepping out of the house. But I did not know the harmful effects of the computer rays to my face. 

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