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Event Review: Hello Kitty Go Around Singapore 2015

If you or your kids are huge fans of Hello Kitty, then you must not missed this biggest and most exciting event ever held outside Hong Kong for the first time. Mighty Eight proudly presents Hello Kitty Go Around Singapore, and you can find it at Resorts World Sentosa’s The Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel will run from 16 October to 10 November 2015, before heading off to its next stop at Kuala Lumpur in December.

If you are heading down, please fully charged your phones, cameras, polaroids as there are five main zones here which are selfie or welfie-worthy moment. Prepared for overload of cuteness and fun and be dazzled by the attractions here.

So yesterday (2nd day of the event), I headed down to Sentosa at 10am and to no surprise, there was already a queue for the redemption. Oh wells, I know Hello Kitty fans love to queue. They like to wake up in the middle of the night to queue up outside fast food restaurants for the plushies, some got upset when they don’t get the plushies and started to fight.

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Event Review: Hello Kitty Town at JB

A week ago, a group of friends and I went to the Hello Kitty Town at JB. After craving for so long, I finally went there to take a look. Actually I do not know most of the people in the group except for jesline and junyao. I just went with this group because of hello kitty. :/ But thank God for all the rest who embraced and connected me to the group so that I will not feel awkward. Thankful for the new friendship made during this journey. Although the Hello Kitty Town was a little disappointing (hmm.. really for kids and not young at heart), it was the group of people I hanged out that made the whole trip fun and enjoyable.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town consists of walk-through attractions, play structures, various interactive activities and a ride which follow the Hello Kitty theme. Key features include, Black Wonder – a hi-tech interactive themed experience, Kitty House – an iconic Hello Kitty house complete with living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, The “Purrfect”

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Letters to God – Hope is Contagious

Last Thursday 12 Aug 2010, met up with Ona to catch the movie “Letters to God“. Few days before that, I saw huanyan mentioned excitedly about this movie on Twitter. The title of this movie itself attracts me. Letters to God? How to write letter to God? So in the end, I managed to get a chance to watch it myself. When Ona and I reached the movie theatre, it was very empty and quiet. Those who followed my twitter would see this tweet “Did I book the whole cinema theatre for Ona to watch Letters to God? 7 mins to the show and there’s only two of us :)”.

The place was super empty so I told Ona to take a picture for me with the empty theatre. Went down to the ground level and took photos! haha.. after a few seconds, a couple came in. OMG! so embarrassing.. but never mind, it was quite dark so they couldn’t recognise me. After like 15 minutes, more and more people started streaming in.

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Jay Chou World Tour Concert Singapore 2010

I’m a blessed girl indeed to get the chance to watch Jay Chou concert. A few months ago when the public sale was on for purchase of Jay Chou concert, I could not get any tickets. Everything was snatched within the  first hour of internet sales and many sold the tickets at a much higher price to gain profit. (I also wrote an entry about Ticket Scalping too)This year’s tickets hiked up by $40 as compared to the last one that I attended two years back.

On 21 July 2010, Jay Chou came to Singapore for the first ever autograph session, held at Bugis Junction. In order for you to “gain entry” to the autograph session, you will need to purchase the new album (again) which comes with the authorized pass for the autograph session.

After the autograph session, I saw a lot of photos and status updates from my jay chou fan club friends at Facebook about the autograph session and I was moved. Started to tweet/fb my status to see if anyone has a spare ticket for the concert.

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Getting hold of Jay Chou's 10th album

WOOHOO! I finally got Jay Chou album. His tenth album was finally released a few days ago and I got it from HanYun who helped me pre-order. Remember his previous (ninth) album Capricorn? It was given to me as birthday present by the J.A.S team. They were Justin, Alex and Shawn. Drawing near to the deadline of the preorder, Alex called me to ask if I’ve pre-ordered. And in this end, they gave me SURPRISE by getting the album for me! and I got the rubik’s cube :)

This year, the album costs me $35! It’s way too much for a audio disc. Partly was because I pre-ordered the metal tin casing while the paper casing costs $10 cheaper.

Ok, I should stop talking and show you some photos that I took:

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Jay Chou's New Album Preorder – The Era


Jay Chou’s new album “The Era” will be out in 15 May and you can start preorder now till 14 May. In this 10th album, Jay made himself to be the vampire prince. (Wah.. isnt it like Prince Kazaaf?) Yup. It’s the theme of this album and the first debut song is “超人不會飛”. (Superman cant fly)

The second song is called “Fireworks Cool Easily”. A sweet and elegant melody which is highly raved online. A lot of fans online expressed that this song is enough to defeat all the songs from Jay Chou’s last album “Capricorn”.

There are two versions for this preorder. There’s normal casing and 3D metal casing with CD, DVD, and lyrics book. Both comes with a set of 9 commemorative badges (each representing each albums that Jay produced) as the free gift. So, what are you waiting for?

Go and preorder now!!


媽媽說 很多事別太計較
只 是使命感找到了我 我睡不著
如果說 罵人要有點技巧
我會加點旋律 你會覺得 超
我的槍 不會裝彈藥
所以放心 不會有人倒
我 拍青鋒俠,不需要替身,因為自信是我繪畫的顏料
Mother said,

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Stop Ticket Scalping!

Dear readers and visitors,

I have recently received notification via the comments of your intentions to sell the tickets to the upcoming Jay Chou Concert. In a situation whereby you are no longer able to make it for the concert, it would be appreciated if the prices are retained at the original cost. Please do not try to exploit the interest of others and attempt to make a quick profit instead; I do have knowledge of other individuals out there who attempt to sell their tickets at sky-high prices- approximately triple the original cost.

If you are an individual who would like to post information about sales of these tickets on my blog via the comments, it would be appreciated if the prices are reasonable. However, if you’re an individual who is simply out there to make a quick buck by quoting ridiculous prices for these tickets, you are not welcomed and your comments will not be published.

To other Jay Chou fans out there, this is my stand:

It would be best if you do not get tickets from individuals who are out there to make a quick buck,

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Additional show: Jay Chou The Era 2010 World Tour

Just went to the sistic website and saw that there’s an additional show for Jay Chou’s concert on 23 July, Friday. Priority sales for all OCBC Credit/Debit Card commences on 22 Apr 2010 and ends on 28 Apr 2010. So for those who missed the first round, perhaps you can wait for 22 April?

Synopsis of the concert: (Credit from sistic.com.sg)

JAY CHOU, Taiwan’s favourite son and undisputed R & B King will be celebrating 10 years in singing and songwriting through a brand new concert in Singapore!

His concert world tour kickstarts in Taipei this June. If there’s only one performance to go to this year, this is it! .Jay Chou, Asia’s finest and hip hop’s reigning king will enthrall the audience with his talent, originality and creative work that embraces a unique mix of Chinese music and Western influence.

His songs fuse R & B, rock and pop genres and cover subjects from tender love to domestic violence and war. His use of meaningful, emotionally- rich lyrics,

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Love Life Charity – edited

For the past one week, I’ve been browsing articles and video clips regarding this charity event “LoveLife“. I got to know LoveLife through one of the video clips on Youtube. In the video, Jay Chou was supposed to film a short advertisement regarding LoveLife but in the end, he went further to arrange the music for the charity advertisement for free.

What is Love Life?

Credit: http://ilovelife.com.tw
Love Life is a charity event that raises money for children with cancer. Hei Ren (Charles Chen) together with Fan Fan created “Love Life” which is funded by the Veterans General Hospital that currently has 93 children in their cancer ward. Many famous people have been avid supporters of “Love Life” including Wang Leehom, A-Mei, Lollipop, Hey Girl, Ariel Lin, David Tao, Jay Chou, and Ethan Ruan.

To these children, the ability to live for a day is a gift from God. Every day they battle with the cancer cells that are in their body, intensive chemotherapy is sucking up their energy.

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Jay Chou Singapore Concert 2010 – edited

Yesterday, I received an sms from my friend.

Heys! Concert tickets for Jay’s 24th July concert go on sale next wednesday on Sistic. Priority bookings for ocbc card members will last for a week so that non-members will start booking from 21 April onwards.

Yup yup.. the moment we have been waiting for. Everyone was leaving comments on my blog asking me about the preorder of the concert tickets. It’s already sold out and submission date is over. What we will need to do will be to wait for this wednesday and book out tickets if we have the OCBC card.

Currently, there’s only one concert on 24 July. But by observing the past year’s trend, it seems like one concert is not enough. So, let’s see.

Oh Ya, for all Jay’s fans, Jay’s tenth album will be out in May. Do keep a look out and listen out to the news for latest updates.

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