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Monday (16 Nov) after my class, headed down to Cathay with Benson to buy 2012 movie tickets. Then we settled our lunch and went back to school to fetch my shepherd after her class. jy,ping,benson,bentay and I watched 2012 together. It’s really a nice (but long) movie. The film portrays cataclysmic events unfolding in the year 2012, as part of… Read more →

The deadly mouth

Dear reporters and paparazzi (o.i forgot that paparazzi dont check their facts), please check on your facts before saying or publishing anything.. How can they anyhow curse people? I was looking through Yahoo News and the word “JAY CHOU” flashed on my computer screen. Jay Chou death hoax TAIPEI : Indonesian media had falsely reported that Taiwanese star Jay Chou… Read more →

Talent Search

Wah.. Youtube is a super powerful tool. Not only for viewing dramas, music videos, I’m able to listen to people singing covers. Different renditions give me different feel of the song. Tamia – Officially Missing You [Verse One] All I hear is raindrops Falling on the rooftop Oh baby tell me why’d you have to go Cause this pain I… Read more →

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

A week's update

Last tuesday (29 Sept), I woke up quite early to accompany my mum to see a doctor at the polyclinic. (after 2 weeks, she decided to see a doctor). I reached the polyclinic at 9am and left about 2pm. The time was waited due to the long queue outside the consultation room. I brought along my psychology notes but the… Read more →