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Stop Ticket Scalping!

Dear readers and visitors, I have recently received notification via the comments of your intentions to sell the tickets to the upcoming Jay Chou Concert. In a situation whereby you are no longer able to make it for the concert, it would be appreciated if the prices are retained at the original cost. Please do not try to exploit the… Read more →


笑, 不代表开心, 也不代表快乐. 它只是用来掩盖心里的悲伤. 笑, 是做给别人看. 给身边的人一种安慰, 不让他们为我们操心. 笑, 只是一种心理作用. 它能带给人们一时的喜悦. 哭, 不代表脆弱, 也不代表软弱. 它是一种吸引别人注意的方式. 哭, 不代表伤心, 也不代表痛苦. 它是因为开心,而流出. 哭, 只是一种发泄情绪的方式. 不哭, 不代表坚强, 也不代表勇敢. 那是因为眼泪已经哭干了. ..counting down 1 more day to 7 December 2008.. Please follow and like us: Read more →

Disgusting acts in the train

Taking the MRT everyday has allowed me to see the ugly side of people. They are said to be Kiasi (afraid to die) and Kiasu (afriad to lose). Why Kiasi? Why Kiasu? People on the platform (into the cabin) If you are in the MRT cabin and ready to go out(since you are alighting there), you would see people crowding  at the… Read more →

Blogging to Famous

Do you like to be famous? Who doesnt want? I WANT! Of course we want to be famous… for the good things. In this SG blogosphere, there are potential bloggers like Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi who gained their popularity through their podcast. Some people, in order to gain their popularity, will post their sexy photos and videos while some… Read more →

The suay six VS xiaxue

Xiaxue? You should know who. The well-known Singapore blogger, and also the “mother of singapore bloggers” wrote a blog entry on the Top 7 disgusting bloggers blog in SGblogosphere. The victims mentioned in her blog are steven lim, celeste chen, maia lee, laozhabo, herself(she gave onli 3 stars out of the 10) and more.. Wonder why she is the “popular”… Read more →

The Angsana Tree @ Braddell Road

Talking about road safety, today is the first day of the removal of the angsana tree at braddell road. LTA announced that the 80 yrs old(twice the age of Singapore) tree posed threats to the motorist’s safety. There was an big orange board to indicate the 40km/h speed limit. LTA said that there are still motorists who are driving faster than… Read more →

Reality TV gone wrong.

If you recalled, one beautiful day last week, you saw this news about this reality show-The Big Donor Show whereby a 37 year old terminally ill woman(Lisa) with an inoperable brain tumor, giving away her kidney to 3 people who needed a kidney transplant. Out of the 3 contestants, she has to choose who will be the “lucky winner” to get her… Read more →

It’s the Dragon’s fault?

If you’ve read yesterday’s newspaper, a 19 years old girl, Shi Ying who got ABE for her A levels couldnt even get into any of the 3 local universities in Singapore. This year is the Dragon Year Intake. There will be more people fighting for the positions in the universities. Local universities NTU, NUS, SMU reported that there’s an increase in applications and cited that the… Read more →