[Product Review] Korea TION Hair Brush – Detangler brush for wet to dry hair

Hello everyone, thanks for your love and support to SIMPLYJASSYMUSIC on Facebook, Instagram and website. Received this parcel last week and I opened it up excitedly because it is the long-awaited Korea TION Hair Brush – Detangler brush for wet to dry hair, that is highly raved on the Internet. Do you have trouble combing your hair after shower and always… Read more →


Home remedies for dry skin

I love to recommend home remedies. It is organic, no chemicals included unlike those mask and beauty products you find it on the shelves. Most of us experience dryness on our face at different point of the time. Here are some home remedies of dry skin, not very difficult or troublesome to prepare. Almond Milk Mask If you need extra… Read more →


Causes of Dry Skin

Problematic dry skin is one of the most frustrating and common skin problem that each of us face at some point. Lack of sleep and water, constant change in the weather and exposure of harmful rays cause our skin to be dry and sensitive. When our skin do not have sufficient moisture, it loses its elasticity and radiance. What are… Read more →


Restoring your skin radiance

According to a survey done in 2014 by STJobs.sg, Only one out of ten people in Singapore claims to be stress-free. It was found that for every person who is stress-free and happy, there are 2.5 persons who feel stressed and 6.5 persons who are neutral (with manageable stress levels) and have work-life balance. Whether we are still schooling, or… Read more →