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Carrots – the orange crunchy powerfood

Forget about your Vitamin A supplements. Get the natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables available in the supermart. With this orange crunchy powerfood, you can get abundant amount of Vitamin A and other powerful benefits. Carrot provides ultimate protection against several skin problems, helping in maintaining your skin healthy, cancer prevention and anti-aging. Do You Know…? Fun Facts on Carrots 1)… Read more →

Lemon for your teeth and mouth

Do your friends often whip out their phones to start taking selfies, we-fies and upload them on the Instagram? You wish you can have a camera-ready smile, showing your beautiful eyes, to flash the glowing grin but you realized that you got a dry, rough and chapped lips? We know how lemon can strengthen and whiten your yellowish nails but… Read more →

Lemon for your nails & hair

Image Credit: Pinterest Do you often get chipped nails and you think you need to strengthen your nails in order for it to grow long and healthy? Because of what you have been doing to your fingernails – Gelish manicure, exposure to chemicals, your nails start to be yellowish and brittle.  Please follow and like us: Read more →

Lemon facial remedy

In my previous post, you know that lemon juice can be used on your skin for clearing clogged pores and treating acne, fight infection and inflammation, and I’ve given you some tips on how you can remove wrinkles, dark spots and blackheads. However, we the busy (also greedy) people do not have the time to try all different remedies and… Read more →