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The secret to a balanced diet lies in the palm of your hand

Do you know that the secret to a balanced diet lies in the palm of your hand? The American Cancer Society says that many of us tend to eat more than what our body required. If you are a calories-conscious person, the data below may shocked you. Below are some suggestions of the daily diet for your reference:


  1. Do you put sugar to your tea or coffee? If you really need it, cut down the spoons of sugar and switch to sweeter. This helps you to create an annual calorie deficit of 37,000 calories. One teaspoon of butter on your toast is 37 ­calories, while a tablespoon of butter is 3 times as much (111 calories).
  2. Instead of your toasted bread, you may consider to have cereal grains and milk for breakfast. What I tried before was to create my own overnight oats. I bought a pack of rolled oats, a pack of chia seeds and a carton of soya milk. I soaked it overnight.
  3. Change the dressing of your salad from oil to vinegar.

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