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Methods to protect our hair

There’s a Chinese saying when it comes to our hair – 三千烦恼丝 (san-qian-fan-nao-si) – literally meaning “three thousand strands of worry”. Evidently, our hair can be the cause of much worry to many of us. With the different hair treatments available in the market, the kind of hair products for different hair condition give us the problem of choosing the best for us, at times feel like rocket science. Besides choosing the right hair products, there are many other methods we can follow to protect our hair.

Protein and Omega-3 for Healthy Hair

Just like how protein and omega-3 are good for our body, it also promotes stronger and healthier hair, with a healthier scalp. It is important to eat healthily with leafy vegetables, beans, and carrots. Do not avoid eating just because you want to lose weight. Losing weight is not about eating less but is about eating right. If you often style your hair with hot tools — or you color, bleach, or perm a lot — you can damage hair’s protective outer layer.

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[Product Review] Korea TION Hair Brush – Detangler brush for wet to dry hair

Hello everyone, thanks for your love and support to SIMPLYJASSYMUSIC on Facebook, Instagram and website. Received this parcel last week and I opened it up excitedly because it is the long-awaited Korea TION Hair Brush – Detangler brush for wet to dry hair, that is highly raved on the Internet.

Do you have trouble combing your hair after shower and always find it difficult to untangle the wet hair? Oh wells, it has been a pain for me to comb my “mane” after shower. Like any other girls, I love to keep my hair long and couldn’t bear to chop the hair even though I often complain that my hair takes donkey hours to dry and it’s hard to untangle the wet hair with my normal comb. When I saw TION Hair Brush online advertisement and reviews, I thought of giving it a try to see if it really answers to all damp hair and tangles!

The TION hair brush is suitable for all types of hair – curly, straight, course, short, long! You name it!

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