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What you know about eyecare may be wrong

You often hear from people that “Your eyes show the strength of your soul.” Since young, your parents have been nagging you about how you should take good care of your eyes. When I was young, I was very afraid to visit the optician. This is because the optician will evaluate my eyesight and advise my mum whether I should change my glasses lenses. When I need to change my glasses, my mum will give me that kind of deadly stare. From that stare, you know she is saying something like “See, you didn’t take care of your eyes. keep looking at the computer screen. now your eyesight degree has increased again.”  We all try our best to take care of our eyes but what you know about eyecare may be wrong? What are some eyecare myths that needed to be debunked?

The study conducted at Advance Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai by Dr Vandana Jain, says that the rising incidences of eye conditions in children could be on the rise due to increased use of laptops,

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